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What is Rakeback?

RAKE. Poker sites make money from players by "raking" each pot in cash game play. Typically this is about 5% of the total pot amount with a $3 per pot cap. The poker sites also make money by charging tournament fees (usually about 10% of the buy in amount).

RAKEBACK. Rakeback means poker players can receive a portion of this "rake" back. Typically the rakeback amount is about 30-40% of what the poker site makes of you, over time this can add up to a large amount! The thing is most new poker players don't know about rakeback and miss out. Also much of the poker advertising on the net will void your opportunity for rakeback if you sign up after clicking on it! The trick is you need to sign up for rakeback before you sign up to the poker site!

MY STORY. When I first started playing online poker I didn't know anything about rakeback and spent a few years playing before I found out about it - that is a lot of easy money I missed out on. One of the most important sites to get rakeback on is Full Tilt Poker as this is the biggest site that offers rakeback. Even though I already had an account I was luckily still able to get rakeback. With this information you can avoid making the same mistake and get signed up for rakeback from the start. If you've already signed up to a site without rakeback, Rakeback Magic might still be able to help.

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It pays to know!

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