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Site News/Announcements
1. Hand history import problem (2)Latest post: "this has now been fixed.", telica - 27th Jan 12, 11:54am
2. Usernames with spaces fixed (1)Latest post: "If your poker site userna...", telica - 3rd Dec 10, 9:48am
3. Hand history importer now GOLD feature (2)Latest post: "free members will get 10 ...", telica - 28th Sep 10, 6:27am
4. party poker hand history import support added (1)Latest post: "we have added support for...", telica - 5th Sep 10, 8:12am
5. quads kicker display bug omaha hilo (2)Latest post: "this has now been fixed, ...", telica - 31st Aug 10, 1:34am
6. NEW how to play great omaha hi/lo article (1)Latest post: "It is a beginners article...", telica - 23rd Jul 10, 8:44am
7. new "drawing to" odds (4)Latest post: "Get 10 hands worth of 'dr...", telica - 23rd Jan 10, 8:28am
8. omaha and hi/lo bug, nov 09 (3)Latest post: "Just to narrow down the h...", telica - 22nd Nov 09, 6:07pm
9. new odds feature coming soon! (1)Latest post: "I'm working on some more ...", telica - 4th Nov 09, 12:59pm
10. Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo Strategy Store (1)Latest post: "We added a little 'strate...", telica - 31st Oct 09, 11:16am
11. Rakeback article now on site (1)Latest post: "Check out the new rakebac...", telica - 21st Aug 09, 3:36am
12. Random hand simulator! (2)Latest post: "added a random card link ...", telica - 7th Jun 09, 7:40am
13. make an animated gif of your poker hand (2)Latest post: "version 2 has now been re...", telica - 6th Jun 09, 7:16am
14. promotion ideas (5)Latest post: "oh this is even better - ...", shane - 11th May 09, 8:16am
15. AllInPokerOdds $50 Freeroll on Full Tilt! (6)Latest post: "Yeah sorry about that mar...", telica - 10th May 09, 10:14am
16. better card graphics (2)Latest post: "New card set is now on th...", telica - 7th Mar 09, 2:37pm
17. Click on image to view hand (1)Latest post: "You can now click on the ...", telica - 2nd Feb 09, 8:19am
18. Latest comments and saved hands on homepage (2)Latest post: "i've updated it so it now...", telica - 31st Jan 09, 8:16am
19. Viewing hands with visibility public (2)Latest post: "this now works as expecte...", telica - 22nd Jan 09, 2:04pm
20. Share url feature up (1)Latest post: "If you save your hand wit...", telica - 16th Jan 09, 9:47am
21. Comments feature up (1)Latest post: "You can now comment on ha...", telica - 15th Jan 09, 1:48pm
22. Membership now free (1)Latest post: "Have decided to change th...", telica - 11th Jan 09, 1:00pm
23. auto hand labelling when importing (1)Latest post: "You can now have your han...", telica - 10th Jan 09, 8:58am
24. more filter options (1)Latest post: "you can now filter saved ...", telica - 9th Jan 09, 11:54am
25. You can now save hand histories! (1)Latest post: "You can now save your han...", telica - 8th Jan 09, 7:52am
26. View friends hand link bug fixed (1)Latest post: "There was a bug when clic...", telica - 8th Jan 09, 7:46am
27. View other people's hands (2)Latest post: "You can now view individu...", telica - 3rd Jan 09, 5:06am
28. 'Tied' option now available when saving hands (1)Latest post: "You can now save your han...", telica - 19th Dec 08, 10:45am
29. Omaha hi/lo bug? (3)Latest post: "This bug has now been fix...", telica - 19th Dec 08, 4:53am
30. New reviews section (1)Latest post: "A poker site reviews sect...", telica - 17th Dec 08, 7:41pm
31. Planned features and updates (5)Latest post: "Subscription link on acco...", telica - 15th Dec 08, 4:20pm
32. new import hand history feature (1)Latest post: "Just launched today! Y...", telica - 12th Dec 08, 9:14am
33. Facebook app (1)Latest post: "If you're on facebook, ch...", telica - 9th Dec 08, 1:17pm
34. Membership status now shown (1)Latest post: "Your membership status is...", telica - 8th Dec 08, 9:21am